The Ohio State Summer School in Social Sciences in Warsaw is an intensive training and research program offered at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and is part of the Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program (CONSIRT). It is an official Study Abroad program of The Ohio State University.

The program contains two tracks, one for undergraduate and one for graduate students, to provide students at different academic levels the opportunity to engage first-hand in studying post-communist European countries in comparative perspective. The number of participants enrolled in the Summer School is regulated to keep class size small, allowing for plenty of individual attention.  In addition to classroom work with OSU and PAN instructors, students will visit major international organizations that assess social and political change in the region and meet with experts in cross-national research. Field trips and cultural activities will complement classroom work.

Sociology students will earn 12 semester credit hours for: SOC 3549: Statistics in Sociology (3 credit hours), (b) its application to substantive problems pertaining to social and political change in Central and Eastern Europe, subsumed by the SOC 4699: Undergraduate Research in Sociology (6 credit hours), and (c) SOC 5503 Social Change in Central and Eastern Europe (3 credit hours).

The Warsaw Summer School organizers work closely with students in helping students apply for OSU and extra-OSU funding for covering costs the Program incurs.

For questions about this study abroad opportunity, please contact Dr. Irina Tomescu-Dubrow (tomescu.1@osu.edu), Co-Director of the Warsaw Summer School.

For more information, please visit OSU’s Office of International Affairs .

The Ohio State Summer School in Social Sciences is a collaborative endeavor involving the following organizations:

The Ohio State University 

Polish Academy of Sciences 

              Department of Sociology 

             Graduate School for Social Research 

           Department of Political Science

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology 

The Summer School is co-organized by the University of Warsaw.

Assistance provided by the Office of International Affairs, The Ohio State University.

The Ohio State Summer School is part of CONSIRT Labs. To generate innovative solutions to complex social science problems, CONSIRT built laboratories based on the principles of unselfish cooperation and open communication in an environment that embraces open science technology and encourages interdisciplinary interactions. CONSIRT Labs, under the organizational guidance of CONSIRT administration, provide the tools necessary for an international network of dedicated students and other scholars to collaborate on research.

This is CONSIRT Labs: Undergraduate Student Research in the Social Sciences

We enhanced our annual OSU Summer School in Social Sciences into a research and training laboratory, complete with a virtual library and on-going research support for quantitative research projects that OSU undergraduates start within our Summer School. Incoming study abroad students will have access to the research endeavors of students from previous Summer Schools in order to collaborate on major research questions in the social sciences. This Laboratory is the only one of its kind in the social sciences at OSU.