What Students Say about the Summer School

Here is a sample of what OSU undergraduate students have said about the Warsaw Summer School:

“This was the most rewarding aspect from attending OSU in my opinion. I learned a lot about a culture, met new people, and formed bonds with other sociology students!” – 2008

“I think it’s an awesome program because it’s so unique in comparison to other study abroad opportunities. If people are interested in learning how to apply what they learn in class to actual research then this is the program to do it.” – 2010

“I am especially proud of my research project and am excited to bring my work back to OSU.” – 2013

“I found it to be intellectually stimulating and all professors were very willing to help. The city is perfect for real life application of concepts and was a safe environment where I didn’t have to waste time worrying about my surroundings.” – 2014

A former student was recently accepted into a top ranked sociology graduate program, and wrote:

“The department was very excited to hear that I have worked with a survey such as POLPAN, especially the demographers I want to work with! I am very thankful for the summer program for opening so many doors for me and really being the first incredible introduction I had to quantitative research.”

Another student was also recently admitted to a top ranked sociology program and wrote:

“I just wanted to say a quick hello and offer thanks for the statistics/Stata training that you both taught in Poland last summer. Now that I’m starting grad school … it’s very evident that the Warsaw study abroad stats classes taught much more than the average undergrad stats course, and I’m the only person in my cohort with training in Stata which has definitely made the first few weeks here much easier than otherwise. I just feel very prepared, and I feel like I primarily have the Poland trip to thank, so thank you!!”