At OSU, there are scholarships and grants that could cover part of the cost of OSU study abroad. We encourage you to apply for one or more of these funding opportunities and we will help you with your application. Many of our students have won awards to attend the Summer School.  Below please find a list of OSU funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities for OSU Undergrads for Study Abroad 2017 2018 UPDATED

For more funding opportunities, see:

Office of International Affairs and their list of Arts and Sciences grants

Social and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Award

Undergraduate Research at OSU Summer Fellowships

Mershon Center Student Grants

This is what to do:   Examine each of these funding opportunities, especially the websites that provide more information. Look carefully at the criteria: some require a minimum GPA, some require a short research proposal, some require graduation from an Ohio high school, and so on. Be sure to carefully examine the application procedures posted on the website of the funding source.

We strongly encourage you to apply for as many as you are eligible for.

Some are research grants. Remember that the Summer School in Social Sciences in Warsaw has two components: a statistical training component and a research component. Considering that for the research component you are required to write a research paper focusing on Eastern and Central Europe, please strongly consider applying for the research grants.

Note that the above lists OSU grants only. There are other grants available outside of OSU. We strongly encourage you to look around (the internet and your neighborhood civic associations) for other opportunities.

Note that writing a competitive application takes time. We strongly encourage you to communicate with us with regard to your application before you send it to the funding organization, and to do so well before the deadline (at least one week). It takes time for us to provide constructive criticisms on how to improve your applications.  Manage your time well: last-minute applications are often unsuccessful applications.

Many deadlines for scholarship and grant applications are very soon. We encourage you to start as soon as possible.